Alptour 2015

JAlbumbild Heinz & Bertil started from Illkirch after 10:00 June 21st. Gunnar started from south of Sweden, the previous day and we met at Tegernsee. Day 1, Illkirch to Bad Weissee, Tegernsee. 443 km in 6 hours, including breaks. Gasthouse zur Post in Bad Weissee, Germany. Same hotel as Gunnar & Bertil used in 2013.
To read more about Tegernsee: Just arrived. Gunnar was waiting for us. Evening walk along Tegernsee. DSCN4207
First dinner, nearby our hotel. After dinner walk. 64 years old....and no issues with the pressure ! Tegernsee
Playground is a tradition, and actually a must ! Max age was 14......we are still young ! The playground didn't end well this time, but we found a stick for Heinz, so he managed back to the hotel. Day 2. Tegernsee to Heiligenblut. 215 km.
First stop, Day 2. Lunch at the same place as 2005. P6220014 DSC01832
On our way to Grossglockner Grossglockner P6220021 About 7 degrees at the top.
DSC01834 It's not recommended to stay here over night ! Gunnar Bertil
Kaiser Franz Josefs Höhe Bertil considered to buy the same hat 2005, but no place on the bike. Kaiser Franz Josefs Höhe Kaiser Franz Josefs Höhe
Our hotel in Heiligenblut. And the same evening restaurant as 2005....same procedure as...... Cheers ! This time, we got a big appartment, with a big terass.
Gunnar is probably doing an inspection on special flowers, on high altitude? Evening walk in Heiligenblut. Why walk, when you can talk? Heinz knee was still hurting. This was NOT our hotel !
Our BIG appartment. Day 3. Heiligenblut to Pocol in Italy, 212 km. On our way to Italy. Very nice roads !!
P6230055 And again...the same lunch restaurant as 2005. P6230061 Wonderful views !
....and roads ! ....and flowers !! Hotel Villa Argentina in Pocol. Hotel Villa Argentina in Pocol.
We had a little bit of rain in the late afternoon. Day 4. We started at "Spår 2015-06-24" (Villa Argentina) Total distance 226 km. The next day was sunny again. I wonder how many pictures we have of the red bike?
Pass Giau 2236 meters We got a Swedish flag from Jean, when we left. DSC01875 P6240078
P6240083 P6240085 Wow !! A red bike, isn't it a Husqvarna? DSC01879
A happy Heinz P6240094 DSC01881 And a happy Gunnar !
...and Bertil Hey, don't forget me, Mr. Yellow....I'm also happy ! Popular biking road ! Pass Valparola 2.168 m Pass Valparola
Nice bikes DSC01898 DSC01901 Gunnar check the GPS, for the next kilometers.
Lunch, before going to Drei Zinnen. P6240108 P6240109 The Tre Cime di Lavaredo, also called the Drei Zinnen are three distinctive battlement-like peaks, in the Sexten Dolomites of northeastern Italy. They are probably one of the best-known mountain groups in the Alps.
P6240111 P6240112 We were very lucky with the weather, not too hot and not too cold. DSC01905
DSCN1821 We arrived to the same hotel as year 2005. Thal-Aue Hotel in Thal-Aue. Evening walk. Day 5. 233 km
We had to stop for pictures at the same place as 2005. Felbertauerntunnel P6250129 DSC01915
DSC01914 P6250132 On the other side of Felbertauerntunnel. Bertils new bike, BMW 1200 GS
DSCN1823 DSCN1827 DSCN1824 Hintersee. Recommended !!
Nice horse in Hintersee. Hintersee. Hintersee. Hintersee.
DSC01930 Customized 2 stroke Suzuki. Lunch break. Aschensee
Big boat in small lake. We ended up in a conference hotel in Fall, close to Sylvensteinsee. In the morning, Bertil went for a bottle of whiskey.....he forgot his glasses and came out with a rum!!! After a few glasses, the guys accepted the taste of the rum.
Hotel in Fall. Evening walk along the Sylvensteinsee. There are a lot of things to charge during night. Day 6, 266 km.
Ready for day 6. DSC01945 Lunch at a farm, close to Sibratshofen. Really good! Recommended! P6260170
The farm close to Sibratshofen. The farm close to Sibratshofen. The farm close to Sibratshofen. Gunnar found a nice hotel in Waldbeuren. We got an apartment with three bedrooms and kitchen.
DSCN1836 Hotel Alte Mühle in Waldbueren. Their beer was not bad ! A very nice dinner !
DSCN1841 Stor i Käften, means Big mouth, but he never proofed this. DSCN1846 After the evening walk, it was nice to have a rest.....
Day 7, 193 km Video:  Click here to watch the video. Our holy stick that has followed us since 2008. The stick is inspiring fear, gives luck, reduce stress and it keeps us together. Thanks Gunnar for a really well planned tour, this year as well. I don't think Heinz and Bertil will find such a nice roads, even with the holy stick. Please revisit this page next year !