Lisbon April 5-7 2017

We met Martin, Sophie and Eva in the afternoon (6/4) We walked a lot along the mainstreet. P1000624 P1000625
P1000626 P1000627 P1000628 P1000629
P1000631 The market place, close to the ocean. P1000633 We had Lunch/dinner close to the market place.
P1000636 We visited Eddie and Marie. Eddie is a classmate to Martin. Eddie & Marie's house is just fantastic ! P1000639
P1000640 Maurice....or mommo Eva was quite busy with all the dogs. Very, very nice home !
P1000645 P1000646 Lunch in Cascais P1000648
P1000649 P1000650 P1000651 P1000652
Eddie is a collector of hats. I suppose he has about 200 hats in his home. P1000654 P1000655 P1000656
Martin in the swimming pool. P1000658 P1000659 We also played Boule
P1000661 Eddies pool room, is probably comparable (in size) to our new villa. P1000663 P1000664
P1000665 P1000666 Marie, on the second floor. P1000668
Guest rooms P1000670 This is Sines, on our way down south. P1000672
P1000673 P1000674 P1000675 P1000676