This is Leia

This is Leia. Although she was taken from the street (nature) she has most probably had a home and has been fostered. Like many other dogs here in Portugal we think she was abandoned. No chip so no owner can be identified.
We have known this lady for a year. During this period she has had puppies twice : last spring she had 5 (4 disappeared over a night - let us hope they were taken by a good hearted person) early this autumn she had 2 ( 1 died and the other one has been taken care of by the municipality). We have been helping Leia and her little families with food and water for the year we have known her.
Two weeks ago we found her badly bitten by other dogs, wounded, bleeding. We brought her to the veterinarian and she had the antibiotics to recover rapidly. She has been with us since then but unfortunately we cannot keep her.
We are looking for a home for this sweet lady. She is affectionate and well behaved. The veterinarian estimates her age to 3 -4 years. Always very hungry but sits waiting for her food. She goes outside in the garden for her needs or does what has to be done during the walks.
We practice everyday to walk on the leash and she makes big progress. She is very scared of cars, which is quite normal for a “street dog” and is probably the reason she survived’ but also there the progress every day is big.
She shows no aggressive behavior at all, she is very submissive. Leia is really a very attaching lady and it is an intelligent dog.
She is found in Porches/ Lagoa if you would like to visit her.
Her neutering and vaccinations are being planned shortly. She is tested for heart worm and the test was negative.