Bike Tour 2013

Gunnar, Heinz and Bertil in Austria
This year we decided to go to Austria. Since Heinz has a house there, we also decided to have that as a "base". We started June 8 2013 from Illkirch at 07:30 and arrived in Lichtenegg at 17:50. Lichtenegg, is a small village, where Ilona & Heinz have a summer house. The house is located 75 km south of Vienna. Gunnar that splitted the trip from Sweden into two days and arrived just 10 minutes before Heinz & Bertil. Gunnar had about 1.670 km and Heinz & Bertil 850 km. A short break close to Gasthof Lauderbach, Sankt Johann Im Pongau. Gasthof Lauderbach, Sankt Johann Im Pongau. Heinz summer house in Lichtenegg.
The house is located in a beautiful area, close to Kaltenberg. We missed the opening time to buy food, so we went to a nice restaurant in Kaltenberg. The first thing we saw in the house, was a sign that Heinz was very proud of. Beautiful house !
After some whiskey & beer, Heinz started to play ! After a whiskey (or two) he also play the piano ! (have you ever seen a foldable piano?) Breakfast time. Egg & bacon. Our tour June 9th. 240 km. We started at 9:30 and was back "home" just after 4 PM. Here's a video from day 1:  Click here to watch the video.
Our first stop, to fix the camera on Bertils helmet. Burg Wartenstein. Burg Wartenstein. Filling up the bikes in Reichenau An Der Rax.
Time for lunch. Very nice place !  Wasserfallwirt, Wasserfallweg 10, 2734 Puchberg Am Schneeberg, Neunkirchen. BMW guys......close your eyes and click next picture !!! How could he buy such a hat?? I thought I knew this person ! Puchberg Am Schneeberg. We tried to go up to Schneeberg, but the timing was not good, so we decided to continue.
In Prigglitz, Neunkirchen, we found a lot of sculptures, that was placed all over the place. P6090038 "Home" again ! In the evening, we took a walk over the fields, to Kaltenberg.
We wanted to have dinner at the same restaurant as the first evening, but unfortunately, it was closed. The restaurant was open, but they couldn't serve any food. We saw a nice Ducati, outside the restaurant. Instead of dinner, we went to Kaltenberg chuch.
Kaltenberg. Really nice place ! Heinz favorite dog, close to his summer house. June 10 tour. 222 km. We started at 9 AM and got back at 5:30 PM.....a long day. Here's a video from day 2:  Click here to watch the video. First break, close to Semmering.
IMG 0387 The mighty two-tiered viaduct across the Kalte Rinne is considered the Semmering Railway’s highest and most impressive. To this day it is one of the railway line’s most photographed structures. The Kalte Rinne is regarded as an example of a successful symbiosis of engineering, architecture and nature. It is also a tribute to the impressive engineering skills of Carl von Ghega, the project’s designer and director.   More than 15,000 people were involved in building the Semmering Railway, the vast majority of them labourers. When building work first began in 1848, many of Vienna’s unemployed were assigned to the project. Indeed, in the wake of the March Revolution, the ministry was keen to combat unemployment and remove any potential troublemakers from Vienna. Later on, many workers came from different regions of the empire and beyond to join the project: bricklayers from Bohemia, stone masons from Friuli and Piedmont, carpenters from Trentino, ditch diggers from Slovenia, miners from Saxony. Kalte-Rinne-Viadukt. IMG 0389
IMG 0390 IMG 0391 P6100054 "I have a brilliant idea"..............(he always has brilliant ideas !)
Beautiful views ! P6100043 Our personal "GPS", Herr Professor-Navigator Gunnar. He prepared all our tours. Lunch at 1.371 meters. Gasthaus Am Feistritzsattel.
P6100061 Gasthaus Am Feistritzsattel "After-bike" time ! Dinner time !
Perfect wine for us !! Checking weather & tracks for the coming day- 2 young boys with their toys! glass is empty !!!!!! June 11. Due to a rainy morning, we didn't start before 13:20, but did the 212 km without issues and without any rain. Here's a video from day 3:  Click here to watch the video.
First stop, close to Edhöf-Pongrazen. June 12. 267 km. Here's a video from day 4:  Click here to watch the video. Bertil is looking at his dirty bike......what can be done here? Yea ! Bertil likes a clean bike !!
Next step, when we are getting older?? A short stop for a picture..... Lunch break in Mürzhofen. A real "biker lunch".
Happy guy's ! What's going on here? A short nap? Lovely roads ! Gunnar on his favorite road....GRAVEL !
Heinz wanted to stop to check some flowers.....he forgot his camera this year ! Let's go to the top ! Dinner at Heinz place. DSCN3248
Gunnar & Bertil started the trip to Strasbourg June 13. First day, 488 km. Really nie weather ! P6130119 P6130121
Lunch break in Inzersdorf Im Kremstal. Wienersnitzel......good choice !! Short stop at Weissenbach Am Attersee. Weissenbach Am Attersee
Weissenbach Am Attersee. Weissenbach Am Attersee. Hotel Zur Post Lindenplatz 7 83707 Bad Wiessee, Miesbach 08022 86060 Very nice hotel and a nice village (Bad Wiessee).
We went to a restaurant close to Tegernsee. Wienersnitzel.....again !! We saw a nice local band. Tegernsee.
How does this work? Last day, back to Strasbourg. June 14. 468 km. We started in light rain, just after 8 AM and arrived to Strasbourg at 4:30 PM. We had a lot of traffic through Schwartzwald. A grey morning. A bit cold this morning !
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